Framework for eXecutable UML

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FXU is a framework used for creating applications according to MDE (Model-driven Engineering) methodology. It performs transformation from UML class and state machine diagrams into a C# implementation.

FXU 2.0

FXU 3.0

FXU 4.0

FXU 5.0

The main feature of the FXU 5.0 is the possibility of reusing parts of the existing implementation when a code is generated again. In previous versions of the framework, all existing files of the same name in the output directory were replaced or kept. The new mechanism merges existing files with a model based on which the code is generated.

The FXU Generator gained a new extensible architecture that uses meta-models of programming languages. This architecture allows changing FXU into a tool, which will support multiple technologies in the future.

New features

  • Reusing parts of the existing implementation (e.g. method's body) when a code is generated again

Other improvements

  • Updating FXU to the XMI / OMG UML 2.2
  • Improved a code generation process (e.g. generation of abstract classes)
  • Improved the FXU Runtime Envirnoment - fixed a behaviour of a shallow and deep history
Authors: Romuald Pilitowski; Marian Szczykulski; Ɓukasz Zaremba; Karol Redosz
The whole project is developed under the supervision of Anna DereziƄska (2006-2018)
Institute of Computer Science, Warsaw University of Technology